Mar. 12th, 2008

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* today I did something I swore I would never do. I got into a damn tanning bed. I'm going to attempt to get some sort of base tan, as I know that the Costa Rican sun is going to burn the holy hell out of me despite my desperate attempts at sunscreen and shade. I sweat, I'm active, sunscreen is not my long term friend. So I accept it for what it is, and I'll not continue this after my trip. bleh. But I don't want the trip to be marred by my severe sunburn and pain.

* back to work. felt better to move around. My patients were a little off, as usual. Bought a hand made potholder from a patient who was selling them for $1.25. It has fabric that has cats on it. I didn't really want one, but she sounded kind of desperate for me to have one. Dan, however, loved it and thought it was the cutest thing ever. We are such the role reverse couple. It is a little big to be used as a potholder, but it will be a great trivet for my long baking dishes to sit on the table family style. Getting a LOT of pressure from EVERYONE to take the full time case manager position back, from my coworkers to the exec. director. but do I want it? when the same problems are still there? bleh. why is our job expected to be our LIFE and what defines us? Why is the first question out of someone's mouth after learning your name "What do you do?" with the expected reply that you answer with your *job title*, for crying out loud?! When asked what I do, yeah, I say I'm a nurse, it gives you license to tell great stories, but I also *DO* other things like work in the yard, exercise, cook, blog, travel, hang with the pets, etc. I don't live and breathe nursing. and it shouldn't be an expectation that someone that does is a "better" nurse.

* Back out in the yard this week! The dogs have been digging up the flowerbed most left of the porch--I was so mad and unaware! I lost a small flowering maple (grrrr!) and moved a couple of plants out of their path, since they didn't really act like they were doing well there anyhow. I need to start my seeds soon, but I'm afraid Dan won't maintain them right while I'm gone on vacation, so I may wait til I get back. We lost some roses and a new hydrangea r/t the drought. I am buying my rain barrels this week and will soon be restarting the compost pile. yes. good to play outside again. LOVE Daylight Savings time!


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