Apr. 1st, 2008

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I probably shouldn't have turned down work today, but I just didn't feel like it and it's my friend L's day off too, so we are going to do a little essential and nonessential retailing, then probably eat some lunch and fuck off the rest of the afternoon. yay. I will then go and work out and probably try to get just a bit more of a protective tan before the trip. 7 days to go!

REM on the today show this morning: dang, I feel old. They're just not the young college boys anymore (not that they haven't been for some time, but you know).

Food lately: leftover breakfast casserole is the bomb. My mom used to make it for me: canned croissant rolls on the bottom, hash browns, then sausage (just as good with veggie sausage!) cheese, and scrambled eggs with milk over the top. I made fresh shrimp and veggie stir fry the other day over wild rice, as well as pineapple upside down cake (minus the embalmed cherries and plus toasted coconut), it was also excellent. Dan treated me to sushi last night because I accompanied him on a long drive to a friend's. Today its bbq in the crock pot while I'm out shopping.

I realized last night its no longer the default for me to order sweet tea when we go out, and I wonder how many calories a year that is going to save my ass. I have replaced this with water, and of course, increased the water, and am no longer chronically dehydrated. I almost always get my vitamins in, even carry them in a little pill box in my purse in case my bigger meal of the day is consumed while out, all of these were on my mission 101 list to do for a month, and I've made them a habit. And I've done this also with the other mission 101 goals of getting my 7 hours in nightly and getting 3x weekly workouts, and eating breakfast every day. I'm proud of me. Now if I could just get better about flossing my teeth and hanging up my clothes, and not picking at my face (the worst! Magnifying mirrors should be OUTLAWED!)


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