Apr. 2nd, 2008

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My eyes are bugging out of my skull. Cat, please eat before you go down two huge iced mochas with your friends. Please opt for the decaf coffee after the first one, hell, even FOR the first one. ARGH. I hate that caffeine after about 3 pm has become an issue for me. I will never sleep tonight, so feel free to call me with any minor question or concern, I'll probably be awake.


1. I got Dad's house rented!!!!! I finally said "wtf" and decided something is better than nothing, dropped the price and Jason's friend is moving in at the beginning of the next month, and we get to work on the house in the process, and he's going to do all lawn care. yessssssss!

2. Jason bought a house! It has an enclosed swimming pool. I will be visiting as frequently as possible. What sucks (for me) is that its in Cape Coral, FL, about 10 hours away from me. :( So there won't be that much frequent visiting, and I will miss him a lot, but I really only see him once a month anyway and he lives 45 minutes away now.

3. Yesterday when I was (attempting) to run, after 10 minutes of intervals, I was done with that, but I managed to finish up 30 minutes of walking after that. I took off my headphones for the last couple of minutes and this woman next to me said to me "Dude, I want to be like you. You're my new inspiration for coming here." After looking over my shoulder to see who else could be standing there, and trying not to choke to death, I stammered thank you, and she told me how she'd been a member for a couple of months, and she's a student and we're about the same age and size, and she is having trouble staying motivated. "But you're RUNNING!" she said, "I'd KILL to be able to run!" and I said, well I can only go a minute at a time, and I want to die the whole time, but yeah, I'm attempting to run. And I wouldn't have been able to do it six months ago. So I told her to keep it up, and try to think of it as a process, and not from an appearance standpoint, and wow. Who would have thunk it, me, a motivator for someone else! I hope I see her again soon.

4. [livejournal.com profile] thirteenrocks may be able to come to AthFest this year and go see REM with me. Anyone else want to come? [livejournal.com profile] darklily66, [livejournal.com profile] mylife1060, [livejournal.com profile] becca_13, I'm looking at all of y'all.

5. Six more days.


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