Apr. 25th, 2008

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Well, I was supposed to leave for Nashville today and could have even had a dog sitter lined up as late as this afternoon, but there was lack of communication so I hope my friend does well and I'm sorry not to be there, even if I'm a bit hurt she basically ignored my attempts to communicate. whatever.

Instead I put in a fair amount of my garden today: finished the green beans, 3 rows of edamame, an okra patch, 6 early tomatoes while I wait on my seeded tomatoes to get bigger, basil seed tape along the front row. staked the asparagus and weeded the berry patch. mowed the back yard and then pitchforked the compost pile. the center is warm but we need more moisture. I'm laying down newspaper as a weed barrier and am hoping to "lasagna" compost in the fall for next season: that clay dirt is hard as a rock. Because I deeply enjoy the process, I don't rent tillers or use power tools to dig up my dirt: hoes, shovels, and muscles are what I use. I'm so damn sore today. It will be a few weeks before the peppers, thyme, and tomatoes are ready, the watermelon, cukes, and squash can go in soon. mmm.

I'm also sore from doing day 1 of the couch to 5k all the way through yesterday, (even though I tried for 15 minutes the day before, I didn't complete 20 so I'm not counting it) I didn't feel destroyed (even though I went 5 minutes longer than the program actually calls for), but wow! running just uses so many different muscles than walking! I'm sore from my boobs to my knees, literally. Which is where I store all my extra weight. Correlation, much? Tomorrow, I'm planning on doing it again, if I can move. I love the way my legs look after I've been on a running program, so I need to keep it up. I want this to be the summer of cute skirts and sandals. Plus, last night I got a bombasstic leg massage from the boy, so I need to keep THAT up as well.

Tonight Dan and I went downtown to the Twilight Criterium and drank some Terrapin and listened to some music. Watched some stunt bikers. Tomorrow it will be drunkenness in the streets, but tonight it was laid back and cool. Holding hands and walking downtown, perfect weather, smelling carnival foods and people watching. can't beat it. we made homemade pizzas tonight (olive oil/tomato/basil/garlic for me, pepperoni for him, both with smoked mozzarella and fresh soft mozzarella.) drool. so good. He has been a total joy to be around since I got home from Costa Rica. yay. things are really really good right now.


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