May. 14th, 2008

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When I woke up as the power died yesterday, grumpy because there was no coffee, I knew it probably wasn't going to be the best day. It was kind of rotten throughout: wound dressings that wouldn't stay on, complaining patients, getting lost, yuck yuck yuck. Then I got all the way home and had to go back out, fortunately the guy only lived 15 minutes away.

the highlights: back to the gym, in which I managed to do some intermittent running without pain, and saw an acquaintance there that was happy to see me. I am frustrated that cardiovascularly I can keep going, but its like my calves just won't catch up! I still have some sensations that keep me up at night, but it was less yesterday. I was balancing on one foot trying to put on pants with flip flops on and about lost my balance, pain shooting through my left ankle after I got home. It feels alright today, but it sure did suck for the moment I was going through it.

Then Dan and I went to DePalmas and had a great meal (with leftovers!) and talked about stuff, then we went home and took the dogs to the dog park again! Boomer, despite his weirdness around humans, is a sweet dog and loves to play and is very sociable and friendly to other dogs. Pearl, still a bit pushy and independent. She needs to learn to come when I call her and that not every person loves her as much as I do. They have an agility course at the park, I'm trying to get her familiar with the equipment so I can take her to classes when they have their next session, of course, I need to be working on basic commands so she will listen to me.

Then we came home and vegged out, and he made me Rice Krispie Treats. yum!

I'm glad yesterday started off bad but ended great, and I'm so glad to be off today. On the agenda: wait for the furniture people to come exchange my shit. Probably a walk/run around the neighborhood. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Vacuuming. Kitchen planning. I also would like to find a cuter bathing suit as we're going to the beach in a few weeks. Off the agenda: I refuse to do any grass mowing! Or any yardwork in general! My body is exhausted from bending, digging, pushing, lifting, and dragging. The damn garden is in, there is only one more garden bed that needs some annuals in it, and I'm NOT going to do that today. The biggest yard work I'm going to do is possibly go buy a cheap plastic lounge chair and lie in the sun with a beer and my book this afternoon. which sounds better and better by the moment!


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