May. 23rd, 2008

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so work has been d.e.a.d. this week, therefore I've been off. I was REALLY expecting to work today. If I had any where to go, I'd have gone, had I known.

The happy happy of the day: There is this guy, he comes around to local businesses including Dan's on Fridays and he cooks all gourmet veggie food out of his kitchen, drops off a menu, then comes back later and brings all the food around lunchtime. The tropical fruit salad with lime mint coulis I just had was the BOMB, and the portabello/gouda quiche in there looks amazing. Last week the veggie sausage pig in blankets were fantastic also. I just really pray his kitchen is clean, since its probably not the most legal thing to be doing without the health inspector being involved. whatever. I'm all about it, because this guy is GOOD.

The other happy of the day: at the gym this morning I am doing my thing with the 12 lb medicine ball in one corner, and the lady working with her trainer behind me with her 5 lb ball asked him, "so are we going to be working up to what SHE'S doing?" meaning me. hell yeah! I walked probably 4 miles yesterday, more than that if you count the dog park, and next week its time to switch up the weight routine. I think I have worked out more days than not this month. Next month I'm really going to have to watch it as we'll be on vacation for most of it, but I'm going to buy a sheet of gold stars like teachers use and put a star on my calendar every day I bust my tail.

I'm also going to make a health/workout related filter, so please feel free to comment on here if you want to be on it. otherwise it will be mostly private, because if I was my friend and not interested, I wouldn't want to read it necessarily. I love to read other people's posts about what they do because it is motivating to me, and it also makes me realize that everyone else struggles with body image/dessert refusal/utter lazy times also so I don't feel so bad. So comment if you want to be included in my daily bs, because Dan and I are going back on WW next week and I'm sure my OCD is only going to carry over to LJ x 2 after that.

the weekend ahead: Oconee Co. Arts Festival and art sale, a friend's band playing, there's at least one cookout, probably 2, potentially 3. There are several hangout opportunities, it should be way laid back.

There will be another post later about the kitchen stuff, as I've found the Magic Piece to build it around, and its going to be excellent.


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