Jun. 8th, 2008

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Last night, margaritas, a walk to Agua Linda for peppery treats, then back for more margaritas in the perfect Georgia summer night, Christmas lights draped over the fence for ambience, candles lit, lightning bugs occasionally zooming our heads. friends dropping in and out, watching the animals play with insects they've discovered winding their way through the (dead) grass. watching the sweat collect on our cold drinks and then as each tiny molecule succumbs to gravity and becomes the next droplet, watching it slide down our glasses to puddle on the table. The lassitude of Athens summer is here, my favorite time of year in this town. I was 20 the first summer I lived here, and 14 years later, summer is still a breath of fresh, humid air. As if you can go back to being the "other you" once school starts back and there's some crisp in the air.

But now, now is summer in Athens. And its time to step outside yourself and BREATHE it in. skinny dip in the lake, drink champagne from styrofoam cups, make whole weekend suppers out of what you can grill outdoors. swat mosquitoes and dip your toes into the kiddie pool your friends' lawn chairs are arranged around. savor the scents of incense and citronella oil and good herb and lighter fluid and lemonade. walk everywhere, say hello to strangers that become new friends, linger longer on the outdoor patios downtown. crash a house party. put your dog in the car with a tent and a cooler, and drive until some place looks interesting. You can, because its summer in Athens. It makes me feel ageless, wide-eyed, and free.

Real life, you can resume that later.


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