Jun. 22nd, 2008

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in a teensy nutshell:

* REM was great last night, stellar lighting, and Michael Stipe is even sexier now than when he was a 20 year old college kid, if that were possible. I think [livejournal.com profile] thirteenrocks is wholeheartedly agreeing at this point.

* and I'm so glad he came to visit! there will be coffee when the nightshifter arises from the coffin. so far there have been indigenous foods such as fried chicken and beer in the parking lot, hot dogs on the street corner, Mama's Boy and the Grit. I'm telling myself I'm working it off dancing and walking all over town, but we all know that's a LIE.

* I haven't been able to see a whole lot of AthFest, but we did go out last night following REM to the Georgia Theatre in Athens and saw Don Chambers and Goat, always one of my favorites to see, their rhythm section blows me aWAY. Saw my friend Teresa who looked amazing. Another true highlight of the night is that the GATH installed a 20 foot wide rotating ceiling fan that not only looks very cool, but creates a blissful breeze. Anyone who has ever seen a show there, even in the dead of winter, knows what I'm talking about when I say this was long, long, overdue, and perhaps there won't be multiple people passing out this summer like at the David Byrne show a few years ago. Well, passing out from dehydration vs. alcoholic related incidents, anyway.

* Last night gave me a good idea about a series of journal entries I want to do related to how music has somehow been there spot on for me in different phases of my life, I'm sure I'll subject you to them eventually but right now its so difficult to put such visceral reactions and emotions into mere words. But if you could have felt the way my whole body was vibrating from the inside out last night, well, then, you've got it. In spades.


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