Jul. 26th, 2008

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So I got the storage POD thing yesterday: be warned if you are ever planning on doing this that they are huge, require some lift thing, and do not fit in simple spaces such as a carport, which was my original plan. Now it is sitting in the front yard and the neighbors are giving me eat shit looks. So while my ORIGINAL plan was to keep it here for a few months, now it looks like I want to get it loaded this weekend and then see if they will pick it up and store it offsite, at what I'm sure is an additional expense. dammit.

Plus, I put a bunch of stuff on CraigsList: upright freezer, storage cabinets, etc. and everyone wants to get it this morning. I can't find the hardware for the cabinets now, naturally. I cleaned out a bunch of mold/mildew out of the freezer before I even sat down for coffee. I am scared to go get the cabinets out of the ooky storage area because it is stuffed full of crap and when I opened the door yesterday...something moved. So I threw some mouse bait in there and hopefully nothing will move when I get brave enough in a few minutes to go re investigate.

Pick up the phone and there's a message from the weekend nurse who can frankly be a snotty bitch who basically sing-songs me some message where she is asking? me to work, but really more like Telling me to work, and instead I just Never Called her Back. So take that.

Because its looking like a whole lot of Stuff I Don't Want To Do Anyway this weekend...

haiku meme

Jul. 26th, 2008 08:50 am
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] darklily66

1. What do you do for a living?

Home from hospital
Here's how you take your meds right
And check your blood sugar

2. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you choose to be?

Ocean waves crashing
Sunset paradise ahead
Cold drink in my hand

3. What do you like to do for fun?

Short lived vacations
Visits with friends and with wine
Long walks with my dogs

4. What is your relationship status?

My best friend on earth
Sleeps next to me every night
Always having fun

5. What are you afraid of?

Evil chronic disease
Rotting my mind and body
Becoming helpless


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