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I already have a job, lol!

I'm going to start Monday working with my friend Heather who has her own business, Piedmont Provisions, just like I did the moment Dan got laid off last year. Plus, she's offered me a partnership, which I'm wowed at considering. Williams-Sonoma is wanting to carry her products and have her do pop-ups, also several snack subscription boxes, and she is moving into a bigger space with Lindsay's Culinary Market and 1000 Faces Coffee which is my favorite coffee roaster. She will have a fermentation room (65 degrees!) and we will make jam and baked goods both for local markets and now national distributors!

I have six job applications outstanding for work in my field. I told her my first priority is figuring out what I can do to support Nic and me, but I'm thinking that considering this partnership may be a turning point in my life.

But growing herbs and veg and fruit for use in our own homemade products? Producing something I can be proud of? Getting out of healthcare for a while or indefinitely?

I think it's a good plan.
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If loud music, road food, and 4 hours of sleep + bloody marys upon wakeup are wrong, I don't wanna be right.

long live summer!
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i don't wanna go.

I just wanna sit here in my pj's drinking coffee and reading all day. Is that so very wrong?

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*look* what arrived unexpectedly in the mail today from my wonderful friend [ profile] thirteenrocks: a handmade all-by-his-exceptional-self yoga mat bag!!!!


And a fabric detail:


It is absolutely wonderful and perfect. I am blessed. Thank you so much, Kev!
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I finally decided to take a picture on my walk today of my neighbor's huge CHICKEN in their front yard. Apparently my timing is good, as they now have the basket of eggs beside it. For a while it was holding a McCain/Palin sign and sporting a jaunty red, white, and blue bow. But now its back to his usual cheery yellow. I like this one better, its just absurd. I looked at 2 houses in my neighborhood when I was shopping homes, the first one was across the street from the chicken people. The second was obviously the one I chose. I think we all know who made the right choice....
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I would like to wish a happy 40th birthday to the lovely [ profile] mylife1060 today! Hope its the best one yet! 40's the new...30, you know?! :)
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I go through a vacuum about every 6 months to a year now, since we have 2 big dogs and a big long haired cat. I have to vacuum minimum of twice a day with the hand vac and usually every other day with the big vacuum or it piles up like tumbleweeds.

But then I found...


and although I never thought I'd pay that much for a dog brush, I now don't have to vacuum as much, which will hopefully save me money in the long run. Not to mention, its weirdly fascinating to pull half the hair off your dog and still have a dog there. The pictures on the website are not an exaggeration, either. We used it on Nelson tonight, and I seriously wonder if he is measurably lighter in weight because of all that dense fur!

(I doubt it.)

Anyhow. Highly recommended, the furminator.
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I seriously cannot believe the nerve of the people who believe that limiting the salaries of bank execs whose companies are drooling over the government bailout money is *socialist* and *wrong*!!!! If its so socialist and wrong, then don't take the government funds, pal! Put those millions and billions back into your company, like a really dedicated person would, to help it stay afloat! Even the $500K cap I believe is too high, it ought to be half that or less, right down the board until I can feel like my meager ration is stable. The greed of some people just galls me.


Oct. 11th, 2008 10:29 am
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I love my behbeh kitteh. he's the bomb.

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As I sit here in my coffee-sipping, slightly chilly, waking up phase, listening to some REM and getting all emotional and nostalgic, I got to thinking about music in general and how I discovered so many groups I completely love after their heyday has passed: REM I didn't really start listening to until college, the Cure I didn't find until after high school, etc, I could go on but I'll spare you.

Who are you listening to right now that I need to know about? That affects you, that is still evolving, that I'm going to look back on 10 years from now and kick myself for not going to check them out when they tour the local club? Or the local arena?

(Bonus points to those who can recommend live music to check out Nov 12-15 in San Francisco, of course! Google is so useless compared to personal recommendations.)
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I was reading today and was struck by a phrase: "Fear Sells", in this case as pertaining to how the government, advertising, etc. uses fear to try to control us (which is undeniable).

How do we all sell fear in our daily lives? I do it every day trying to counsel people with their health issues. I don't mean it to be that way, but sometimes counseling people to fear what will happen if they don't take their meds, if they don't check their sugar, if they don't stop abusing drugs, sometimes it is the most basic way to get through to someone. Either they want to investigate it more, or question, or research on their own, but sometimes, yes, fear is the call to action and impetus for change. Not always.

How do we sell fear to ourselves? Because its not always others trying to sell us fear. We're conditioned enough to turn it inward, to fear our potential, whether it be good or bad, right or wrong, positive or destructive. How do we continue to tell ourselves not to trust our instincts, not to follow our path? How do we get to the point where fear of failure is a more powerful motivator to maintain what we're not satisfied with than the uncertainty of success thrilling us into taking that leap?

I would like to live a life without fear. Part of being human, I know.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 06:23 pm
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I just wanted to thank those of you who recommended the Rainbow Grocery for our friend, she totally appreciated both the gift and the gesture! You guys rock!
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It is not all melancholy and the infinite sadness over here, there are some good developments of late:

I've been thinking more and more about self employment: namely a baking business. Especially with the new kitchen coming into play, and the encouragement of more than one friend, I have the ability to do this now more than ever. I would still be able to work as a nurse part time or prn and not be in dire straits if the business were to fail. Clients might be difficult to come by in this town, as there are lots of professional foodies here. Alternately, if I were to succeed, I know of several people who would LOVE to assist me in my business who I think I could work well with. Anyhow, its an alternative I think I could enjoy and succeed at, but things need more development. I already have a great graphics guy, so I've got that covered! :)


Aug. 6th, 2008 01:41 pm
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I tried a new brand of haircolor the other day and went just a shade lighter than usual. I like the result, but I'm officially not what I would call a brunette anymore. Its definitely blond. I feel like my eyebrows are way dark now, but in the pic it doesn't look abnormal or anything.

I also need a new camera, most of my shots are always blurry. It takes 10 shots to get one good one. To whomever on my F-list who was asking about camera recommendations: ixnay on the Sony CyberShot, cause its a common complaint with this camera.

Also, I'm kinda disappointed my friend's daughter decided to see the X Files movie without me and her mom. I thought we had plans! Dang! Dissed by a 10 year old.

Oh, you know what else? They changed the Extraordinary Nut Snack commercial to "extraordinary snack". I don't have anything else to snicker over right now...
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At Dan's 40th Birthday campout weekend! )

haiku meme

Jul. 26th, 2008 08:50 am
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Stolen from [ profile] darklily66

1. What do you do for a living?

Home from hospital
Here's how you take your meds right
And check your blood sugar

2. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you choose to be?

Ocean waves crashing
Sunset paradise ahead
Cold drink in my hand

3. What do you like to do for fun?

Short lived vacations
Visits with friends and with wine
Long walks with my dogs

4. What is your relationship status?

My best friend on earth
Sleeps next to me every night
Always having fun

5. What are you afraid of?

Evil chronic disease
Rotting my mind and body
Becoming helpless
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So I got the storage POD thing yesterday: be warned if you are ever planning on doing this that they are huge, require some lift thing, and do not fit in simple spaces such as a carport, which was my original plan. Now it is sitting in the front yard and the neighbors are giving me eat shit looks. So while my ORIGINAL plan was to keep it here for a few months, now it looks like I want to get it loaded this weekend and then see if they will pick it up and store it offsite, at what I'm sure is an additional expense. dammit.

Plus, I put a bunch of stuff on CraigsList: upright freezer, storage cabinets, etc. and everyone wants to get it this morning. I can't find the hardware for the cabinets now, naturally. I cleaned out a bunch of mold/mildew out of the freezer before I even sat down for coffee. I am scared to go get the cabinets out of the ooky storage area because it is stuffed full of crap and when I opened the door yesterday...something moved. So I threw some mouse bait in there and hopefully nothing will move when I get brave enough in a few minutes to go re investigate.

Pick up the phone and there's a message from the weekend nurse who can frankly be a snotty bitch who basically sing-songs me some message where she is asking? me to work, but really more like Telling me to work, and instead I just Never Called her Back. So take that.

Because its looking like a whole lot of Stuff I Don't Want To Do Anyway this weekend...
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Where is your cell phone? it is charging
Your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife? he is sleeping
Your hair? cut last week
Where is your father? a peaceful state
Cheesecake? more now, please
Your dream last night? forgotten upon awakening
Your favorite drink? coffee with cream
Your dream car? runs on air
The room you're in? big living room
George Bush? stupid idiot wanker
Nipple rings? Not for me
Who did you hang out with last night? Dogs and cat
What you're not good at? too many things
Your best friend? Me, myself, I.
Student loans? paid off, yay!
Where did you grow up? Suburban Atlanta Hell
The last thing you did? Tucked Dan in.
What are you wearing? Shirt, shorts, bracelet
Tattoo on the lower back? No tramp stamp
Ketchup? on my fries
Your computer? New hard drive!
Your life? Is pretty good
Your mood? cranky, buzzed, caffeinated
Missing? Many, so many
What are you thinking about right now? Plans for tomorrow
Your car? Big grey truck
Your summer? Beach, kitchen, daiquiris
Your relationship status? Boring Old People
Your favourite colour? Cornflower Blue Crayon
When is the last time you laughed? It wasn't today.
Last time you cried? I can't remember
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow? Work, surgery, friday
High school? Oh, never again.


Jul. 20th, 2008 04:51 pm
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So far Dan's new toy is the best ever! I was surprised how much I like the Wii! We are both sore after playing it all weekend and I was surprised how much power, force, and balance some of the games take. Whew! Now you know where I'll be for a while!

Today I baked an Italian Creme Cake, I haven't had any yet but it sure looks good. After that I went and checked on Shelly's cat (and sang "Shelly Cat, Shelly cat, what are they feeding you..." all the way) and then went for an hour long spinning class, which about kicked my ass. I looked up one calculator and it estimated for my height and weight that I burned 1200+ calories in that class, and that was at a moderate intensity. I don't know if I believe that, but if so that is pretty cool.

Now if I could just get rid of some POUNDS, people. I'm still holding steady at the same weight I was a month ago, +/- a few pounds here and there. You know what, though? After all of this, I've gone down a half size in my SHOES. 20 lbs down total, one size down total, and now I'm losing weight in my FEET? NOOOOO. The shoe collection is a round girl's pride! We may yo-yo a few sizes over the decades, but the feet, the shoes, they are supposed to be consistent, dammit!


Jul. 15th, 2008 09:39 pm
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I've come to the conclusion that I'm back to some bad habits and I need to cut it out.

One of these things is just being isolated from my friends, whether it be from scheduling difficulties, fatigue, or lack of cash flow, it shouldn't matter! I live in the same town as so many of my friends but we NEVER see each other. And some day we may not live so close and it will be more costly and require more planning to see each other, and that is a bummer. I need to make it a priority to initiate plans more, and not just going out for drinks, but also over to my house to watch a movie or make dinner, or to grab sandwiches and go to the park, or just to sit on the back porch and have coffee. Or to the yarn store, or to do crafty things. I have let myself fall into the trap where I'm always hanging out with the boy and his friends/family and I feel kind of dull. I'm really bad about this and sometimes it becomes a really deep rut. argh.

So I went out and split three pitchers of beer with my friend Sara yesterday, and we watched baseball over each other's heads and she told me about her blog, which is totally awesome, and had a good time.

Today, met Shelly for gym time and got to hear all about her foster kitties and her goofy boyfriend.

That being said, Dan wants to hang out with MY friends more. He's frustrated that he doesn't know you, because *I'm* so awesome, of course my friends must be awesome too (he's right!).

So if anyone is up for camping in North GA the weekend of August 1-3, kids welcome, a good time guaranteed, come be among friends and contact me for greater detail. I want to hang out with you and yours, and I want you to hang out with me and mine. I want to play!
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