May. 28th, 2008


May. 28th, 2008 09:51 am
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so...the contractors and designer just left. The good news is, removing most of the load bearing wall is doable, but complicated. Complicated, unfortunately, means more expensive, as a 30 foot beam will need to be placed above for support.

One thing leading to another, this is basically looking like a total redo except for Dan's room and our bedroom. They recommended I get the (ungrounded) wiring throughout the house replaced, as well as add any additional outlets now, to save money and time. I know this makes sense. Shit, might as well have them look at opening up the back bedroom and going ahead to get that done, makes sense to do it now, its not going to get less expensive as time goes on. Tearing out that middle wall will open up 4 more feet of space, but it also means: new flooring throughout vs a refinish, it means relocating a closet, and the attic access, relocating the thermostat, 2 vents, and a big old pain in the ass. Not to mention removing everything from the attic, renting a storage container for all our shit, and then putting it back together. But its the only way to open up that space and make it usable.

I can see this doubling what budget I set for "just the kitchen", if not more.

I know it will improve the resale value of the house exponentially, not to mention be a better environment with more usable space. it is just nerve racking to think about basically dropping a year's salary and living in destruction zone for a few months to get it all completed, as we are very private people and spend most of our time here at home. double ugh.

decisions, decisions. I'm going to the bank to discuss loans. I wish I liked my banker better, she's kind of dry and boring. which, I guess is kind of typical, you don't want a flighty excitable banker but one that is practical. suck.

but, as Dan and I were running over each other last night just trying to make tacos for dinner, I either have to do it or move. No other option.


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