Jun. 19th, 2008

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(actually the population is probably more like millions, but I digress...)

Yesterday afternoon as we got home from the beach, we turned off the bypass onto our exit and saw a rather large plume of smoke coming from somewhere near our neighborhood, and the closer we got the more nervous we were, as it appeared to be coming basically from where our house is. The sirens were getting louder the closer we got. As we turned on our street, fire trucks directly in front of our house! Fortunately the fire was coming from the woods behind our neighbor's house, and there were no signs of damage or of the situation being out of control. The trucks drove off.

A few minutes later, the smoke is still rising, the fire truck came back and brought about 3 more. They backed into the neighbor's driveway and along side her house, the lights were flashing, they were yelling to one another. Smoke was everywhere. One of them knocked on the door and said to the woman who lives there "Uh, ma'am, did you know the woods behind your house are on fire?" She responded "Uh, no...." I mean, really, how could you miss it, between the sirens and the smell and the everything?

This really only confirmed what I already knew, from my last interaction with her when I saw her at the local coffee shop one morning. This was the day we woke up without power on the whole street. As I mixed half and half into my coffee and put my lid back on she was expressing her frustration that her coffee pot wouldn't come on that morning. I reminded her that the power was out, and that's probably why it wouldn't work. She actually asked what that would have to do with anything. I blinked a couple of times, wished her a good day, and kept walking.

Awareness is key.
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Short video of one of the wild horses we saw on the beach in Corolla. I'm sure he just wants us to go away, but so beautiful.


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