Jul. 15th, 2008


Jul. 15th, 2008 09:39 pm
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I've come to the conclusion that I'm back to some bad habits and I need to cut it out.

One of these things is just being isolated from my friends, whether it be from scheduling difficulties, fatigue, or lack of cash flow, it shouldn't matter! I live in the same town as so many of my friends but we NEVER see each other. And some day we may not live so close and it will be more costly and require more planning to see each other, and that is a bummer. I need to make it a priority to initiate plans more, and not just going out for drinks, but also over to my house to watch a movie or make dinner, or to grab sandwiches and go to the park, or just to sit on the back porch and have coffee. Or to the yarn store, or to do crafty things. I have let myself fall into the trap where I'm always hanging out with the boy and his friends/family and I feel kind of dull. I'm really bad about this and sometimes it becomes a really deep rut. argh.

So I went out and split three pitchers of beer with my friend Sara yesterday, and we watched baseball over each other's heads and she told me about her blog, which is totally awesome, and had a good time.

Today, met Shelly for gym time and got to hear all about her foster kitties and her goofy boyfriend.

That being said, Dan wants to hang out with MY friends more. He's frustrated that he doesn't know you, because *I'm* so awesome, of course my friends must be awesome too (he's right!).

So if anyone is up for camping in North GA the weekend of August 1-3, kids welcome, a good time guaranteed, come be among friends and contact me for greater detail. I want to hang out with you and yours, and I want you to hang out with me and mine. I want to play!


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