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I'm having electronic dysfunction. Actually, a lot of it is just normal LIFE dysfunction, but still.

The very bottom portion of the touch screen of my iPhone stopped working, but it is only not responsive when trying to use the text function or to type or search map stuff. So now I have to drop it off to get it fixed, and who knows how long that will take.

But I can't do that until my computer, which took a major dump last night, is fixed, and that goes into repair on Thursday. again, who knows how long that will take.

Did I mention that my iPod battery won't hold a charge and basically has to be plugged up to play more than one or two songs?

Um, right now I'm not really satisfied with Apple. But I'm not really easy on my stuff either, so there you go.

If you want to communicate, you'll have to call me or email me, but I'll be limited to reading your posts on my teeeeensy phone screen and waiting for the repair to be done for a while, I suspect.

That's all!
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(+) off work today, much like the past month, but it never gets old.
(+) working tomorrow!!! excited, and a little desperate, so work is good.
(+) good workout today. maintaining at 20 down even though I had weekend month of sloth.
(+) Dan brought me two potted plants his boss was giving up. yay, plants!
(+) decided on the contractor, the first ones I'd started working with don'tcha know!

(-) animals STILL having issues since we deigned to leave them for a week of vacation.
(-) i think I broke the steam cleaner last night after dealing with said issues.
(-) Dan is in a pissy pissy mood, and I wish I had somewhere to be, but I don't.

glad when the good outweighs the bad!

happy Monday! yeah...
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The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed. Well let's see.

1) Bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Cross out the ones you started but didn't finish
5) Star the ones you hated
6) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;-)

Mine behind the: LJ cut! )

Hey, I'm better read than I thought! 40 out of the 100!
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in a teensy nutshell:

* REM was great last night, stellar lighting, and Michael Stipe is even sexier now than when he was a 20 year old college kid, if that were possible. I think [ profile] thirteenrocks is wholeheartedly agreeing at this point.

* and I'm so glad he came to visit! there will be coffee when the nightshifter arises from the coffin. so far there have been indigenous foods such as fried chicken and beer in the parking lot, hot dogs on the street corner, Mama's Boy and the Grit. I'm telling myself I'm working it off dancing and walking all over town, but we all know that's a LIE.

* I haven't been able to see a whole lot of AthFest, but we did go out last night following REM to the Georgia Theatre in Athens and saw Don Chambers and Goat, always one of my favorites to see, their rhythm section blows me aWAY. Saw my friend Teresa who looked amazing. Another true highlight of the night is that the GATH installed a 20 foot wide rotating ceiling fan that not only looks very cool, but creates a blissful breeze. Anyone who has ever seen a show there, even in the dead of winter, knows what I'm talking about when I say this was long, long, overdue, and perhaps there won't be multiple people passing out this summer like at the David Byrne show a few years ago. Well, passing out from dehydration vs. alcoholic related incidents, anyway.

* Last night gave me a good idea about a series of journal entries I want to do related to how music has somehow been there spot on for me in different phases of my life, I'm sure I'll subject you to them eventually but right now its so difficult to put such visceral reactions and emotions into mere words. But if you could have felt the way my whole body was vibrating from the inside out last night, well, then, you've got it. In spades.
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Short video of one of the wild horses we saw on the beach in Corolla. I'm sure he just wants us to go away, but so beautiful.

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(actually the population is probably more like millions, but I digress...)

Yesterday afternoon as we got home from the beach, we turned off the bypass onto our exit and saw a rather large plume of smoke coming from somewhere near our neighborhood, and the closer we got the more nervous we were, as it appeared to be coming basically from where our house is. The sirens were getting louder the closer we got. As we turned on our street, fire trucks directly in front of our house! Fortunately the fire was coming from the woods behind our neighbor's house, and there were no signs of damage or of the situation being out of control. The trucks drove off.

A few minutes later, the smoke is still rising, the fire truck came back and brought about 3 more. They backed into the neighbor's driveway and along side her house, the lights were flashing, they were yelling to one another. Smoke was everywhere. One of them knocked on the door and said to the woman who lives there "Uh, ma'am, did you know the woods behind your house are on fire?" She responded "Uh, no...." I mean, really, how could you miss it, between the sirens and the smell and the everything?

This really only confirmed what I already knew, from my last interaction with her when I saw her at the local coffee shop one morning. This was the day we woke up without power on the whole street. As I mixed half and half into my coffee and put my lid back on she was expressing her frustration that her coffee pot wouldn't come on that morning. I reminded her that the power was out, and that's probably why it wouldn't work. She actually asked what that would have to do with anything. I blinked a couple of times, wished her a good day, and kept walking.

Awareness is key.
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Last night, margaritas, a walk to Agua Linda for peppery treats, then back for more margaritas in the perfect Georgia summer night, Christmas lights draped over the fence for ambience, candles lit, lightning bugs occasionally zooming our heads. friends dropping in and out, watching the animals play with insects they've discovered winding their way through the (dead) grass. watching the sweat collect on our cold drinks and then as each tiny molecule succumbs to gravity and becomes the next droplet, watching it slide down our glasses to puddle on the table. The lassitude of Athens summer is here, my favorite time of year in this town. I was 20 the first summer I lived here, and 14 years later, summer is still a breath of fresh, humid air. As if you can go back to being the "other you" once school starts back and there's some crisp in the air.

But now, now is summer in Athens. And its time to step outside yourself and BREATHE it in. skinny dip in the lake, drink champagne from styrofoam cups, make whole weekend suppers out of what you can grill outdoors. swat mosquitoes and dip your toes into the kiddie pool your friends' lawn chairs are arranged around. savor the scents of incense and citronella oil and good herb and lighter fluid and lemonade. walk everywhere, say hello to strangers that become new friends, linger longer on the outdoor patios downtown. crash a house party. put your dog in the car with a tent and a cooler, and drive until some place looks interesting. You can, because its summer in Athens. It makes me feel ageless, wide-eyed, and free.

Real life, you can resume that later.


Jun. 6th, 2008 01:43 pm
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is anyone in town interested in attending the Terrapin Brewau (like a luau! but with beer!) tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm? Tour of the brewery, a never empty glass, and Dubconscious is playing. I need to get my liver prepped for vacation, and what better than good beer in the summer sun?

today on the Vegy Table (that's the name of the business of the guy that delivers the awesome gourmet veggie food on Friday): chilled tomato/avocado soup with plenty of cilantro and garlic, and a Tofurkey sandwich with cucumber, tomato, lettuce and an herb spread on wheat. fabulous. I wonder if he needs an assistant?. [ profile] mylife1060 and [ profile] darklily66, he totally would deliver to the hospital also and can fax y'all a menu at work, if you and your cohorts would be interested in something other than cafeteria foods. Let me know.

Work said things should pick up next week. We'll see. I told them not to forget about me! although I'm getting lots done (working out daily, interviewed 5 contractors, 2 pets sitted, house is clean), I still want to work some of, just not all, the time
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* Good conversation with [ profile] mylife1060 today, and I might even get to actually SEE her this weekend!

* I may try out for the Classic City Rollergirls with my friend Laura. I am willing and able to kick some ass. I need to practice, as I've not been on roller skates since I was 15.

* I'm going to see our friend play tomorrow in Buford, the show is called "Talk Journey To Me", and it is a Poison/Journey cover band. The comic value is bound to be enough to make the drive.

* This weekend is all about socializing, music, working out, and pet sitting. sounds just about right...


May. 28th, 2008 09:51 am
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so...the contractors and designer just left. The good news is, removing most of the load bearing wall is doable, but complicated. Complicated, unfortunately, means more expensive, as a 30 foot beam will need to be placed above for support.

One thing leading to another, this is basically looking like a total redo except for Dan's room and our bedroom. They recommended I get the (ungrounded) wiring throughout the house replaced, as well as add any additional outlets now, to save money and time. I know this makes sense. Shit, might as well have them look at opening up the back bedroom and going ahead to get that done, makes sense to do it now, its not going to get less expensive as time goes on. Tearing out that middle wall will open up 4 more feet of space, but it also means: new flooring throughout vs a refinish, it means relocating a closet, and the attic access, relocating the thermostat, 2 vents, and a big old pain in the ass. Not to mention removing everything from the attic, renting a storage container for all our shit, and then putting it back together. But its the only way to open up that space and make it usable.

I can see this doubling what budget I set for "just the kitchen", if not more.

I know it will improve the resale value of the house exponentially, not to mention be a better environment with more usable space. it is just nerve racking to think about basically dropping a year's salary and living in destruction zone for a few months to get it all completed, as we are very private people and spend most of our time here at home. double ugh.

decisions, decisions. I'm going to the bank to discuss loans. I wish I liked my banker better, she's kind of dry and boring. which, I guess is kind of typical, you don't want a flighty excitable banker but one that is practical. suck.

but, as Dan and I were running over each other last night just trying to make tacos for dinner, I either have to do it or move. No other option.
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by artist Peter Loose. We got it at the Southworks Arts Festival (still going on today!), and its now hanging in the living room above the door we open 1,000 times a day.

Think of how much more interesting our lives might be if we said YES more often to opportunities that come our way. (well, with the exclusion of, say, hard drugs or other things we know are stupid).

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so work has been d.e.a.d. this week, therefore I've been off. I was REALLY expecting to work today. If I had any where to go, I'd have gone, had I known.

The happy happy of the day: There is this guy, he comes around to local businesses including Dan's on Fridays and he cooks all gourmet veggie food out of his kitchen, drops off a menu, then comes back later and brings all the food around lunchtime. The tropical fruit salad with lime mint coulis I just had was the BOMB, and the portabello/gouda quiche in there looks amazing. Last week the veggie sausage pig in blankets were fantastic also. I just really pray his kitchen is clean, since its probably not the most legal thing to be doing without the health inspector being involved. whatever. I'm all about it, because this guy is GOOD.

The other happy of the day: at the gym this morning I am doing my thing with the 12 lb medicine ball in one corner, and the lady working with her trainer behind me with her 5 lb ball asked him, "so are we going to be working up to what SHE'S doing?" meaning me. hell yeah! I walked probably 4 miles yesterday, more than that if you count the dog park, and next week its time to switch up the weight routine. I think I have worked out more days than not this month. Next month I'm really going to have to watch it as we'll be on vacation for most of it, but I'm going to buy a sheet of gold stars like teachers use and put a star on my calendar every day I bust my tail.

I'm also going to make a health/workout related filter, so please feel free to comment on here if you want to be on it. otherwise it will be mostly private, because if I was my friend and not interested, I wouldn't want to read it necessarily. I love to read other people's posts about what they do because it is motivating to me, and it also makes me realize that everyone else struggles with body image/dessert refusal/utter lazy times also so I don't feel so bad. So comment if you want to be included in my daily bs, because Dan and I are going back on WW next week and I'm sure my OCD is only going to carry over to LJ x 2 after that.

the weekend ahead: Oconee Co. Arts Festival and art sale, a friend's band playing, there's at least one cookout, probably 2, potentially 3. There are several hangout opportunities, it should be way laid back.

There will be another post later about the kitchen stuff, as I've found the Magic Piece to build it around, and its going to be excellent.
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looks like they probably won't need me tomorrow for work either, shit, so I've had the past 2 days off as well. If I'd known this I would have gone somewhere.

I would also like to apologize to you, dear friends list, as my last few posts have been rather bitchy regarding the brother thing, the rooms to go thing, and so on. Sorry! But being taken advantage of makes me BITCHY.

Lots of activity lately: we've been taking the dogs to the park every other day for the past week, and its made a lot of difference. I did have to finally go get pinch collars and dual loop leads, though, as the pulling is too much for Dan to handle and they're both the type to strain to the end of the lead and choke themselves with every step. It has made all the difference in the world! I will be glad when I don't have to use them anymore, but it was nice to be able to take them out today for the mile long route without stress. Later, I ran all the hills on the 2 mile route. After doing weights at the gym. I feel great. I am considering getting back on WW to try to control my diet. Also having trouble with the late evening snacking: especially cheese and crackers. and brownies. and ice cream. and brownies with ice cream. you get the picture.

The garden's going crazy: soon there will be green beans. I have had a lettuce salad every night this week! Last night the one I made was BAD ASS: leaf lettuce with yellow bell pepper, grape tomatoes, red onion, bean sprouts, and grilled beef in a cilantro garlic marinade. with lime/cilantro/basil/sesame vinaigrette. It was also good for lunch. It may also be good for the third meal in a row if I don't get off my ass and go to the store.

kitchen update: I picked out the tile, the flooring, and I think the cabinets today. May go with a slightly lighter finish though. Contractor's coming out to look at structural stuff next week, and I'm pricing appliances now. I am going to throw the biggest party ever in my new kitchen when I'm done....
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When I woke up as the power died yesterday, grumpy because there was no coffee, I knew it probably wasn't going to be the best day. It was kind of rotten throughout: wound dressings that wouldn't stay on, complaining patients, getting lost, yuck yuck yuck. Then I got all the way home and had to go back out, fortunately the guy only lived 15 minutes away.

the highlights: back to the gym, in which I managed to do some intermittent running without pain, and saw an acquaintance there that was happy to see me. I am frustrated that cardiovascularly I can keep going, but its like my calves just won't catch up! I still have some sensations that keep me up at night, but it was less yesterday. I was balancing on one foot trying to put on pants with flip flops on and about lost my balance, pain shooting through my left ankle after I got home. It feels alright today, but it sure did suck for the moment I was going through it.

Then Dan and I went to DePalmas and had a great meal (with leftovers!) and talked about stuff, then we went home and took the dogs to the dog park again! Boomer, despite his weirdness around humans, is a sweet dog and loves to play and is very sociable and friendly to other dogs. Pearl, still a bit pushy and independent. She needs to learn to come when I call her and that not every person loves her as much as I do. They have an agility course at the park, I'm trying to get her familiar with the equipment so I can take her to classes when they have their next session, of course, I need to be working on basic commands so she will listen to me.

Then we came home and vegged out, and he made me Rice Krispie Treats. yum!

I'm glad yesterday started off bad but ended great, and I'm so glad to be off today. On the agenda: wait for the furniture people to come exchange my shit. Probably a walk/run around the neighborhood. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Vacuuming. Kitchen planning. I also would like to find a cuter bathing suit as we're going to the beach in a few weeks. Off the agenda: I refuse to do any grass mowing! Or any yardwork in general! My body is exhausted from bending, digging, pushing, lifting, and dragging. The damn garden is in, there is only one more garden bed that needs some annuals in it, and I'm NOT going to do that today. The biggest yard work I'm going to do is possibly go buy a cheap plastic lounge chair and lie in the sun with a beer and my book this afternoon. which sounds better and better by the moment!


May. 7th, 2008 10:53 pm
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* day off tomorrow! yay!
* Dan's band playing Friday night at the GA Theatre: y'all come out!
* Started the process on remodeling my kitchen!!! This is huge! Currently interviewing people to do the work. I'm sure, you know, I'll be updating in photo format soon, once I decide on who's going to do the work and more project details. OMG. forward motion again! good thing! Moving forward on this is basically the cornerstone to moving forward with everything else such as refinishing the living room flooring in there and then moving toward the back of the house and dealing with the bathrooms...from hell. Microscopic hell.
* pretty weather. my peony is blooming a big baseball size poofball bloom. the rose bush is going insane but I think it may have fungus. need to research natural fungicide. Obviously the drought is back upon us. suck.
* Been catching up with friends lately: social plans have been made, and I'm excited. cookouts and Six Flags and baseball hopefully before it becomes 500 degrees. whoo!
* Boomer has been doing so much better! He comes in now when we call him, now he'll even walk to the back of the house and jump up on the bed. He eats in front of us and drinks in front of us, still nervously and only when we're seated. We're working on leaving him and Pearl out in the regular areas of the house for short periods of time vs in her crate and him in the mudroom, with varying levels of success. He is still no good on a leash, so we're proceeding slowly at this point with that. but this is so much better than when we first got him!
* I think I am lessening my sweet tooth! This is also huge! I got a milk shake downtown at Ben and Jerry's for the first time in forever the other day, and I could seriously only drink about 1/3 of it before getting just overwhelmed by the sweet, so I gave it to my friend. This afternoon I decided to try one and didn't even want half of it. I think being mindful is key. There are few things I love more than a milkshake, especially a coffee one, so not immediately wanting a gallon tub of it is major. I am pleased.
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Well, I was supposed to leave for Nashville today and could have even had a dog sitter lined up as late as this afternoon, but there was lack of communication so I hope my friend does well and I'm sorry not to be there, even if I'm a bit hurt she basically ignored my attempts to communicate. whatever.

Instead I put in a fair amount of my garden today: finished the green beans, 3 rows of edamame, an okra patch, 6 early tomatoes while I wait on my seeded tomatoes to get bigger, basil seed tape along the front row. staked the asparagus and weeded the berry patch. mowed the back yard and then pitchforked the compost pile. the center is warm but we need more moisture. I'm laying down newspaper as a weed barrier and am hoping to "lasagna" compost in the fall for next season: that clay dirt is hard as a rock. Because I deeply enjoy the process, I don't rent tillers or use power tools to dig up my dirt: hoes, shovels, and muscles are what I use. I'm so damn sore today. It will be a few weeks before the peppers, thyme, and tomatoes are ready, the watermelon, cukes, and squash can go in soon. mmm.

I'm also sore from doing day 1 of the couch to 5k all the way through yesterday, (even though I tried for 15 minutes the day before, I didn't complete 20 so I'm not counting it) I didn't feel destroyed (even though I went 5 minutes longer than the program actually calls for), but wow! running just uses so many different muscles than walking! I'm sore from my boobs to my knees, literally. Which is where I store all my extra weight. Correlation, much? Tomorrow, I'm planning on doing it again, if I can move. I love the way my legs look after I've been on a running program, so I need to keep it up. I want this to be the summer of cute skirts and sandals. Plus, last night I got a bombasstic leg massage from the boy, so I need to keep THAT up as well.

Tonight Dan and I went downtown to the Twilight Criterium and drank some Terrapin and listened to some music. Watched some stunt bikers. Tomorrow it will be drunkenness in the streets, but tonight it was laid back and cool. Holding hands and walking downtown, perfect weather, smelling carnival foods and people watching. can't beat it. we made homemade pizzas tonight (olive oil/tomato/basil/garlic for me, pepperoni for him, both with smoked mozzarella and fresh soft mozzarella.) drool. so good. He has been a total joy to be around since I got home from Costa Rica. yay. things are really really good right now.
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I took Pearl and Willie to the vet this afternoon as Willie was behind on his shots, and Pearl needed flea treatment anyway. Poor Pearl really freaked out when they went to draw her blood and it took about 4 tries, I felt awful for her and almost refused any further tries when the tech finally got it. I was glad he did, because she tested positive for Ehrlichia and now has to be on antibiotics twice a day for at least a month, maybe 2. He said its hard to tell when she was infected, but as she hasn't been sick since I've had her and it has up to a 5 year "incubation" period before chronic symptoms occur, its likely it was before I got her. I've been reading that its 98% treatable unless a dog is actively showing symptoms, which she's not. It is a parasite that is transmitted through tick bites, and our vet said it is being found more and more in GA. I feel so bad for sweet Pearl. Fortunately she doesn't mind the pills so much with a little bit of turkey to wrap them up in!

And Willie Nelson has to go on a diet, he was 18.5 lbs today.

I've taken all the food up, and there's a whole lot of bitchin going on.
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Working on uploading pictures and a post about the experience!

It was amazing and fun, but no place like home!
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